The Bible Buffet

I love buffets.

Tray after tray of delectable appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts, all a mere spoonful away.

Yummy, yum, yum.

I start at the first tray and zip down the line, taking a spoonful of everything. Well, everything except food containing…


Yuck. And double yuck.

When I get to each tray, I lean close to the Plexiglas shield, scrutinize the mound of food below me, and make sure it doesn’t have even the teensiest trace of onion in it. But even with my hawk-eyed perusal, sometimes I can’t tell if onion bits lurk in there. That’s when I deploy my backup system.

The taster. AKA, my husband.

“Um…” I might say as my hubby travels down the buffet line directly in front of me. “Can you check those cheesy potatoes?”

He’ll proceed to scoop a portion onto his plate, pick up his spoon, and take a nibble.

If he says, “Safe,” I nudge him along and dig in.

But if he says, “Yep, it has onions,” I pat him on the shoulder for a job well done and scoot right on past the dish.

Because another great things about buffets is…

I don’t have to take the stuff I don’t like.

Unfortunately, many people today treat the Bible like a buffet—they take what they like and skip what they don’t. In place of  the I-don’t-like-onions excuse, they choose to ignore parts of God’s Word with rationalizations such as:

  • I don’t agree with those words
  • I don’t believe those words
  • I don’t understand what those words mean
  • That’s part of my nature, so it can’t be a sin
  • It’s too hard to do the things or act the way those words say I should
  • Those words don’t apply to me

But the Bible isn’t a buffet. It’s the perfect, inerrant Word of  the living God.

True Christians don’t pick and choose which parts of God’s Word to live by and which to ignore. If we do, we’re saying that we haven’t submitted to Jesus as Lord. That we don’t trust that his ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts higher than our thoughts. That we might believe in him…

But we don’t believe him.

To be blunt, if we don’t believe him, then we’re not true Christians.

Sure, we all find things in the Bible that we struggle to believe. But the question is — while we’re wrestling with a passage, in whom do we trust? Our own views and reasoning? The world and what it tells us is right and wrong?

Or our big God?

When we put our faith in God and his goodness, and we apply all of his Word to our lives, we glorify our heavenly Father. And we’ll experience the fullness of unsurpassing joy and peace—a joy and peace we will never attain by ignoring those sections of the Bible we think are full of onions.

May I tell you something else I’ve discovered about these Biblical “onions?”

When I submit to God, trust his Word, open wide, and in faith put that spoonful in my mouth…

The taste is sweeter than honey.

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