Where, Oh Where, Are This Year’s Christmas Cards?

I direct a frown at my empty mailbox

And shake my head with a sigh.

I peer once again into the abyss, then

I open my mouth and cry:

Christmas poem border“Where, oh where, are this year’s Christmas cards?

Oh where, oh where, can they be?

Last year by this time I had fifty or more;

One year a hundred and three.”

Christmas poem borderI ease the box closed, go back in my house, but

It’s warmth offers little balm.

Only five measly cards hang on the archway,

And one is from chewy.com

Christmas poem borderCould the problem be that I have the wrong month?

I am a blonde, after all.

So I hurry into the kitchen and gawk

At the calendar on the wall.

Christmas poem borderBut I see December written in bold font,

And calendars never lie.

I lift my hands to the heavens above and

let out a bewildered cry :

Christmas poem border“Where, oh where, are this year’s Christmas cards?

Oh where, oh where, can they be?

Have I done something to offend all my friends?

Has family forgotten me?”

Christmas poem borderAs I sink deep into the depth of despair,

And my heart fills up with grief,

I suddenly gasp; the reason seems clear!—

This is the work of a thief!

Christmas poem borderWhile I’m writing on my computer each day,

With eyes focused on the screen,

A sneaky old Scrooge steals those cards from my box

And runs before he is seen.

Christmas poem borderHe takes them all home and pretends they are his;

That’s how he gets his thrills.

If he’s going to poach then the least he could do

Is abscond with all my bills.

Christmas poem borderNo, that’s silly; no bandit would want to take

My Christmas cards on the sly.

I’m not a victim of a holiday heist,

So I can’t help but still cry:

Christmas poem border“Where, oh where, are this year’s Christmas cards?

Oh where, oh where, can they be?”

It’s not the wrong month or a Scroogey thief, yet

My mailbox is still empty.”

Christmas poem border“The neighbors!” I shout to my startled brown dog.

“That’s where my cards must all be.

The mailman delivered to them by mistake,

The cards that were meant for me.”

Christmas poem borderWithout a thought for a coat or warm boots

I sprint across snowy yards.

I hammer on all of the neighboring doors,

And ask for my Christmas cards.

Christmas poem borderBut, alas and alack. My neighbors all say,

“You have no Christmas cards here.”

I trudge home again with my head hanging low,

And wipe away a lone tear.

Christmas poem border“Where, oh where, are this year’s Christmas cards?

Oh where, oh where, can they be?”

I slouch on my couch with my empathic dog, 

Who eyes me with sympathy.

Christmas poem borderDejected and dismal, I slump and I scowl.

 And then, I finally see.

Could it be that no one sent me cards because

They didn’t get one from me?

Christmas poem border“The busyness,” I confess to my brown dog,

“Kept me from Christmas greetings.

The shopping, the baking, the merry making;

The season is too fleeting.”

Christmas poem borderBut if I’m too harried to send Christmas cards

In the short time I have free,

Then how can I expect family and friends

To address a card to me?

Christmas poem border“I’m a fool,” I say to my  heedful hound.

“I’ve been so darn cavalier,

To let Christmas pass without sending a card

To those I hold so, so dear.”

Christmas poem borderI dig out the Christmas card box in my desk;

I sit and turn on the light.

I bring up my contacts, and starting with “A”,

I open a card and write,

Christmas poem borderHere, oh here, is this year’s Christmas card,

Oh here, it’s long overdue.

I thank the good Lord that you’re part of my life

Today and always. Love, Sue

Update on My Latest Publication

I’m so thankful to all of you, who have blessed me with your readership, comments, prayers, and encouragement.

I wanted to tell you all about “The Wannabe.” It’s a humorous true story about the time I prayed for God to send someone to help my sister and me when we found ourselves stranded on a side road. God answered, but I wasn’t prepared for the man He sent… Michigan book cover

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You can also read “The Wannabe” in America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction. In November, Z Publishing House chose forty-six works out of the more than 2,000 they accepted into their 2018 Emerging Writers series to publish in their nationwide edition, and I feel so blessed that they America's Emerging WRiters coverincluded “The Wannabe” in their selection. You can order a copy at the Z Publishing House website by clicking on  HERE  or at Amazon  by clicking  HERE

May God bless and keep you all as you journey into December and immerse yourselves in the joy and hope of Jesus’ birth.