We’re Having Turkey for Thanksgiving

Not exactly what I meant, but…okay.

With Thanksgiving just three days away, like most of us, I’m reflecting upon what I’m thankful for this year—my wonderful family, our health, all of you who read my blog,praying hands folded finishing novel #1 and starting novel #2, my church, friends, and most of all, my big God and his gift of salvation.

And, on November 23rd, as we bask in our blessings and the warmth of family and friends, I’d like to impart some of the Thanksgiving wisdom I’ve learned over the years:

Hug and kiss your family and friends, and not just when they arrive and leave.

Invite a lonely church member, neighbor, or friend to share Thanksgiving with your family. And when they ask if they can bring something, for heaven’s sakes, say “Yes!”

Count your blessings but not the calories–this is not a day to diet!

pumpkin-pie-1041330_960_720Snitch a piece of crisp skin while the turkey’s being carved. Yum!

Say yes to gravy and butter.

Add whipped cream to your pumpkin pie.

Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and enjoy feeling like a kid again. (Normally, I would add “watch a football game,” especially since the Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving afternoon. But, since I’ve had it up to here with the disrespect the players and league show our veterans and active service members, this year I’m altering my suggestion.)

Don’t freak out over spills.spill

If you’re hosting,  spent time with your guests and leave the dishes unwashed until everyone goes home.

Take a nap.

This Thanksgiving, my prayer for you, my readers, is that your table would overflow with God’s bountiful blessings and…

Hang on. Mr. Turkey wants to add one more thought to the above list:

Don’t gobble your food.thanksgiving dinner

Leave a comment with your Thanksgiving suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!

From Mr. Turkey and myself, Happy Thanksgiving! God bless you!


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