On Our Knees—Praying for Our Children’s Future Spouses

IMG_4102Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. And I have to say—my husband, Bruce, deserves a medal for putting up with me for twenty-nine years.

Or at least a red 1968 Corvette.

When I think about meeting my husband at college, I am so grateful to our big God for his grace and mercy. His grace—for bringing a good man into my life.

And his mercy—for bringing a Christian man into my life when I too young and stupid to care all that much if he was a Christian.

Although I grew up in a Christian home, I never gave much thought to the Bible’sdating teaching about being unequally yoked. In high school, I dated boys who were cute and fun without caring whether they had a relationship with God.

When I was a freshman at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, being a Christian finally made my perfect-college-guy list. But, I’m ashamed to admit, it ranked somewhere near the bottom. And it certainly never even dawned on me to pray for a Christian spouse. Of course, since Grove City is a Christian college, my chances of dating a Godly man were better than at a secular school. But, even at Grove City, many students were there for the excellent education and beautiful campus and had little interest in their faith.

And because being a Christian wasn’t my most important qualification for a future husband, I could have dated, fallen in love with, and possibly even married a man who wasn’t a Christian.

I still shudder when I think about it.

But, instead, God brought Bruce into my life. A Christian man who He knew would be a loving husband, wonderful father, and most importantly, a faithful follower of our Lord.

So, like I said, I often think about why God brought Bruce into my life at a time when I wasn’t even praying for a Christian man. And I’ve come to this conclusion—someone a lot wiser than I was praying for me and for Bruce.

praying handsActually, someones. I believe God was answering the prayers of our parents.

I know that Bruce’s parents prayed that he would find a Christian spouse. Both strong, committed Christians, they spent time on their knees asking God to give their son wisdom and guidance when choosing a lifelong partner.

As for my parents, they also wanted me to chose a Christian who would love the Lord and love their daughter. My father, a man with a quiet and deep love for his Lord, welcomed Bruce with warm acceptance the first time I brought him home. And it gave me joy to see his growing contentment and peace as Bruce and I dated, became engaged, and finally married.

My mother also loved Jesus with all her heart. Although I was never able to ask her if she prayed for my future spouse—she died of Leukemia right after my sophomore year in college—I have no doubt that she put my life in God’s hands and trusted him to bring a Christian man into my life.

The power of a parent praying for future Christian spouses for their children cannot be underestimated. And it’s never too early to start praying for our kids’ eventual prayingpartners in life. In this day and age, when young Christian men and women are harderpraying on your knees and harder to find, make no mistake about it—it will take an act of God for our children to find Christian people to marry. We need to be interceding for our children, asking God to guide them to men and women after his own heart.

Parents, it’s imperative that we get on our knees, pronto. The spouses our sons and daughters choose will have eternal ramifications for their faith, their children’s faith, and so on, throughout the generations. I am the perfect example of the power of that prayer.

So, on my anniversary, I want to say—thank you, parents, for your prayers.

Thank you, Bruce, for your love and unwavering faithfulness—for me and for God.

And to my big God—thank you for your everlasting love, for answered prayer, and for the gift of a man after your own heart.

Happy Anniversary, Bruce. I love you.


7 thoughts on “On Our Knees—Praying for Our Children’s Future Spouses

  • Oh Sue, you made me teary eyed tonight. Your Mom always prayed for you, your sisters & your brothers. Our family was her life, & she cared & took care of us all. Look at your kids now, Mom. I know how proud you are of them all. Thanks , Mom! ❤️

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  • This is a beautiful story. I think many of us can say we were too young to be wise enough to pray for our future spouse. But, I too am lucky that someone else was praying for Dale and me. I knew he was the one God sent, for many reasons, but it was a clear sign to me when I found out his birthday. April 3. The same day my father passed when I was 10. My dear childhood friend Melanie’s Birthday is also April 3. I just knew that God was showing me the joy of April 3, and the joy of his love and eternal life. Life and Death. Same day, but that it didn’t have to be a sad day for me. I’d rather celebrate the birthday!!!
    Dale and I prayed for Dustin and the prayers were answered 10 fold.
    And, we continue to pray for Lauren and her future husband, God has someone in mind for her and they will meet when they are meant to.

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